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Wandering Above

Neon triangle CGI synthwave in space.

Imaginary Tubes

Made up tube maps.




Follow for more soft cuboids.

Magma Pascal’s Triangle

Random Pascal's triangle generator.

hierarchy of needs

A bot with many many needs.

Women, Fish, Me

Hat ideas pertaining to the desires.

Bit Art Bot

A generative art bot.


Random pictures of an undiscovered constellations.

Every Control Scheme

Press X to Follow.

Aesthetic Bot

Funky little bot making funky little levels.

flag gen

Out of one, many.


A bot that posts strange attractors.

every goth color

Every goth knows black isn't just a single color.

Every Color

Colors. All of 'em.

cryptic slogans


Weird Spy Satellites

Speculative surveillance.

Bots Of New York

Exploring New York City, one bot at a time.


A bot that blends two colors at a time.


A bot that estimates the value of Pi by dropping needles.


All symmetric XOR triangles.


Colorful triangles based on mathematical sequences.


A bot that generates BΓ©zier curves.

Useless Captchas

Bringing one of the most thought-provoking activities on the internet to your Twitter feed.

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