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Classic Boy 2 Bot

Finding bots in classic literature.


X the Y be with you!

What Fresh Hell?

What fresh hell is this bot!?


All the hard questions from classic literature.


Happy botday! πŸ€–πŸŽ‚


One grumpy Twitter bot.


Tweets art from Ateneum Art Museum four times a day.


A bot to tweet every Finnish number.


Why are the flags up in Finland?


Random flags.


Feeding City of Helsinki news into Twitter.


"Caller states that while walking his dog in the park they came across either a dead turkey or chicken with the head off."


Tweets art from Kiasma Kiasma contemporary art museum four times a day.


Tweets art from Sinebrychoff Art Museum four times a day.


A 1967 poetry generator revived for Twitter.


Famous duos in nearby parallel universes


Sourced from tweets of '[X] is my new favourite word'. (And favorite and fave.)


A random Finnish word of the day


"It's basically a social network for welfare."


Tweeting a mix of hip hop and classic literature.


Random nuggets of wisdom from Project Gutenberg in so many words


A bot to tweet every Finnish word.


There is a mass shooting on average every day in the United States. Here are the shootings on this day last year.


Welcome to 1869! Why not enjoy some Glaces variΓ©es at A Stockholm Restaurant?

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