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Witch Court Reporter

Reporting on historical witch trials.


Every ringfort in Ireland.


Summoning up nostalgia with '80s mixtapes.


Completely randomized history "facts".


Tales, old and new of dark folklore and legend passed down through 'procedural generations'.


Dedicated to the memorial benches of the world.


Random images from the current day in history.

User Count Bot

User count on, in charts.


Images from Below the Surface.


Random graphical timelines from Wikipedia.


A homage to the fallen warrior bots of Wikipedia.


Real deaths from medieval coroners' rolls.


140 character chunks of the Federalist Papers.


I examine trends in major cities to uncover secret histories.


Tweeting the 11,000 attempted amends to the US Constitution.


Tweeting a few historical astronomy articles from Trove every day.


The Words of B. Franklin.


Geologist, naturalist and gentleman.


The Dawn, once a day.


History says hi.


The Kiddie Rides of Brooklyn take a tour through space and time.


Tweets a random historical event for the current date.


An RFC a day.


Historical legal decisions from Victoria's highest court.