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Fractal flames via a genetic algorithm.


Relaxing & Satisfying loops of hexagons.

Earth Across Time

Timelapses showcasing how Earth's appearance has changed.

Double Pendulum

Animations of random double pendulums.

Random Three Body Problem

Computing the trajectory of three random objects.

Facepalm Bot

A bot for when you really need a facepalm.

Piet Botdrian

Little Mondrian GIFs.


Random 2-dimensional tilings.


Randomly generated pinball fields.

Hamiltonian paths

Hamiltonian path maze GIFs.




Join us and paint some happy trees!

Time Until Christmas

Know the time left until Christmas.


Your eyelids are getting heavy...


Animated GIFs from the Himawari satellite.


A Twitter bot which takes an image and runs it through a kaleidoscope filter.


Randomly generated expressions for animated images using the Pico-8 palette.


Symmetric curves from complex Fourier series.

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