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Daily Music Prompt Bot

Kickstart your musical ideas.

Pinouts 4 U

Electronic schematics.

[emoji spell]

A witchy bot.

Improbable Maps

Charting new places.

Mayfair line

Regular line updates.

I Like My … Bot

Unsupervised joke generation from Big Data.

MKE Weather Limerick

I proffer forth the weather report.

Sonic OC Bot

New Sonic characters and stories!

Nora’s Sandwich Bot

Mmmmm sandwiches!


Tattoos for your knuckles.

Random comments on life, the universe, and anything.

lo-fi beats

Lo-fi genre beats to verb and verb to.

Detective Fin

Drugs from the future.

city explorer bot

A bot about town.

Daily Emoji Special Exhibition

Daily exhibitions with emoji and ASCII.

Toot Your Own Adventure

Together, we’ll craft amazing stories.

little epitaphs

Examine headstones with me!

Biz Bot

Now hiring!


Randomly generates blurbs to hypothetical murder mystery novels.

Endless Bees


Lexic Mazes

Acyclic mazes with words as walls.

They fight crime!

Dynamic duos constantly on the watch against crime.

The Herbalist’s Primer

A tireless herbalist, a curious learner.


Over land, off watch.

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