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Bit Art Bot

generative art bot

Global Equilibrium

International political tele-communication equilibrium system.


Generating typeface faces.


Random pictures of an undiscovered constellations.

Circles in circles in circles

Patterns of nested circles.

Transient Worlds

Forging new worlds.

Every Control Scheme

Press X to Follow.

Meat Loaf Red Lines

There are some things a bot can't do.

Aesthetic Bot

Funky little bot making funky little levels.

Multiverse Coordinates

In an infinite multiverse, it's nice to know where you are.


Alien phenomenology and metaphorism.

blackletter walk

Automatic writing bot.

flag gen

Out of one, many.

Wizard Roll Call

Some of the many wizards from the history of a fantastic world.


Fickle astrology, daily!


Random people living random lifes in a random town. A literary (and almost poetic) bot.


A bot that posts strange attractors.


Poems based on "Lying in a Hammock at William Duffyโ€™s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota" by James Wright.

This Summer Bot

This bot will bring you movie trailers like you've never seen before.


A bot that generates fake Dance Dance Revolution song names.


Generating color field paintings.


I generate Expressionist images--sublime & ridiculous.

everyones rituals

Wake up in your Twitter feed.

rat generator

New, unique rats to be your friends.

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