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soft landscapes

Soft generative landscapes.

Star Near You

Animated GIFs of the Sun's corona.


Colorful hill generator.


Sound designers get very specific and peculiar queries.


What do you see?

Tiny Dungeon Bot


tiny street


tiny mission control

Ground control to @tiny_astro_naut.

ARP Observatory

Studying audio signals from outside the solar system.

50 hex of grey

50 shades of hex greys.

Daily Sparkle Power


A river



Glass aesthetics.

Animorphs Cinematic Universe

All your favorite Hollywood stars are ready to star in the Animorphs movies of the future!

Auto Imagist Bot

a windmill // on // a // cloudy // // day // like a blurry // image // // of // a // bird

Pixel Monster Bot

Random pixel monsters.

Dynamic Portraits

Generative iArt.


Colorful self-similarity matrices from source code posted on GitHub.

Smooth Unicode

Getting you through your workday with the softest glyphs from the smoothest scripts.


Fantasy adventure name generator.


Nombres y apellidos latinos.


Sorry for my bad English.


A bot that tweets out of context Harry Potter spells.