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Doskvol’s Finest

Rogues, ruffians, miscreants, ne’er-do-wells, and other unscrupulous sorts to populate your haunted city.


Celebrating the bicentenary of Mary Shelly's Frankstein.

Arpeggio Bot

Automatic chord progressions.


Giant Steps, but it's a bot!

Tiny Rhythms

Quick generative rhythms.

Sundry Cellular Automata

Randomly generated cellular automata.

Arnold Schoenbot

A twelve-tone musical bot.


A bot walks into a bar...

Machine Wisdom

Get your daily dose of wisdom!

Night Sky

Images of the night sky.


Your choices are important.


The "rejected" Yoshi prototypes.


Mixing emoji together!


I miss a lot of things since COVID-19 started.

Newfound Planets

What distant worlds may be like.


A procedural ice cream parlor 🍦


AI generated emotions.


So many scripts!

Monster Dating

Exploring the monster dating scene.

Problematic Trolley

Off the track, please!

Ominous positivity bot

Positivity, but ominous and vaguely unsettling.


Album artwork for your favorite non-existent bands!


Star Wars: Attack of the Bots


The novels of the future!

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