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This bot apologizes for not tweeting more often.


Tracking imaginary satellites.


You want that final Question Time audience question?

NES Art Bot

Evolving equations to generate glitch art based on NES hardware.


A bot rewriting tweets into bigram poems.

Flags Mashup Bot

Combining country flags to create new flag designs.


A generative design bot.

Emoji + Face Mashup Bot

👸 Princess + 😒 Unamused Face

Make me a cupcake

Random cupcakes.


Tiny LGBTQ+ parades.


Generative fictional planets.


Wandering Tomorrow's Psychographic Mysticism.

Calming sphere

Calming animated gradients.

Machine imagined art

New imagined artworks.

Predictive Art Bot

Turning the latest media headlines into artistic concepts.


The REAL Upstate New York.


Saint Bot, patron saint of online bots.


Holy bot, Batman!


Automated music reviews.


Generative kaleidoscopic videos.

Ringed Worlds

Procedural gas giants.

The tinyHorse Generator

Fifty tiny horses a day keep the horse sized ducks away.


Chess boards, with emoji! ♟


That! Doesn't! Work!