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Tweeting Lord of the Rings, line by line.

Star Wars (line by line)

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

Indiana Jones (line by line)

Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.

Ghostbusters (line by line)

Back off, man. I'm a scientist.

Back to the Future (line by line)

Roads? Where we're going we don't need... roads!


Holy bot, Batman!

Twilight Zone Intros

New Twilight Zone opening scenes.

Wiki Titles Singable to TMNT Themesong

Wikipedia titles that you can sing to the TMNT song!


Movies described using only the links in their Wikipedia plot summaries.


Sound designers get very specific and peculiar queries.


A bot that generates X-Files episode descriptions.

Rebotta Sugar

Catch up on the Steven Universe episodes you missed!

so. you bot detention

Captain America has a lot of PSAs to record.


This bot hands you an Inconceivable Assignment - should you choose to accept it!


Twitter bot on Twitter.

Netflix Generator

Random Netflix-like series and movie descriptions in Portuguese.


Procedural nickname generation bot


Weather forecasts and information for greater Equestria, provided by Cloudsdale Weather Factory.


That's right, woodchuck-chuckers - it's... GROUNDHOG DAY!


A bot that tries to remind us that we have a long way to go for equal representation in movies.


Computer...zoom in!


"I'm the Sorting Hat and I'm here to say / I love sorting students in a major way."


Mining old movies for #content.

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