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The script for The Office, one line at a time.


Star Wars: Attack of the Bots

Freeze Frame Bot

You're probably wondering how I ended up in all these situations.

TV Screen Bot

Live screenshots from random TV channels.

Night Train to Robot Fine

Robot. Ran all the way to Twitter... with CheapBotsDoneQuick, and a Tracery grammar.

Exoplanet TV Guide

Real time updates on classic TV shows reaching distant planets.

Space Jam Status

Yep, still up.


Holy bot, Batman!


Bot trained on Stephen Colbert monologues.

Twilight Zone Intros

New Twilight Zone opening scenes.

Count von Count

"Two thousand! Ah ah ah!"


Every line from RoboCop!

Wiki Titles Singable to TMNT Themesong

Wikipedia titles that you can sing to the TMNT song!


Movies described using only the links in their Wikipedia plot summaries.


Your favorite movies made better.


Wes Anderson film generator.

Alternative Ninja Warriors

A bot trained on 10 seasons of America Ninja Warrior.


The Laughing Man logo on top of old TV shows.


Robot poetry from the Moon.


Sound designers get very specific and peculiar queries.


Every line from Die Hard.


Every line from Ghostbusters.


A bot that generates X-Files episode descriptions.


Garden State homage.


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