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Hero’s Journey Bot | @monomyth_maker

Pulp fantasy writing/game prompts.

Ghost Generator

Lots of ghosts here!


Tweets every Magic: The Gathering card, sorted by set and number.


A bot that suggests daydreams for you.

Doskvol’s Finest

Rogues, ruffians, miscreants, ne’er-do-wells, and other unscrupulous sorts to populate your haunted city.


Random entries from tabletop RPG oracles.


Your choices are important.

Dungeon Deployer

A bot that makes dungeon crawlers.


Saint Bot, patron saint of online bots.


That! Doesn't! Work!


Character concepts for the game Gamma World.

Tiny Dungeon Bot


Animorphs Cinematic Universe

All your favorite Hollywood stars are ready to star in the Animorphs movies of the future!


Fantasy adventure name generator.


Ideas for your next bestselling novel.


Your next favorite YA Fantasy book.


Student list for the Alloysius Amaranth Ancient Academy of Applied Arcane Arts.


Vampire clans and the interactions between them.

Offbeat RPG

Producer of offbeat tabletop content.


A small bot that generates daily story snippets about minor deities.


An assortment of happy endings.


Dragon Hoards generates a dragon and her hoard every three hours!


Weather forecasts and information for greater Equestria, provided by Cloudsdale Weather Factory.


A motley caravan journeying forever in the forgotten depths.

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