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Tiny Maze Bot

I make tiny mazes.

A Fruit Machine

I spin you right round, baby!


Discovering emoji from fediverse instances.

[emoji spell]

A witchy bot.

Phase of Moon

Phases of the Moon.

Flags Bot

Greeting countries on their national holidays.

Beautiful Emoji Deep Space

A bot in space.


An emoji a day is all we ask.

Full Of Stars

Space is big. Really big.


Tooting the current Phase of the Moon.

Daily Emoji Special Exhibition

Daily exhibitions with emoji and ASCII.


Howdy. I'm the sheriff of emoji!


I'll take you to a quiet farm.

tiny ponds

Tiny ponds for you to sit beside.

Things falling

Falling down!

Town Builder Bot

Let's build a town, together!

Lunar Phase

Keeping track of lunar phases ๐ŸŒ’

Tiny Forests

Please do not feed the animals.

Emoji Meadow

Tiny meadows full of grass and flowers.

Tiny Petting Zoo

Please pet the animals and feed them emoji food.

Forest Bot

I make tiny forests!


Bot que crea jardines.


Your number one source for random animal trains.

did joe exercise?

Keeping Joe healthy and fit.

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