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Open publishing of CO2 levels

Make your own CO2-monitoring bot.

Warblington Level Crossing

Keeping track of the Warblington Level Crossing barriers.


Charting discussions on Mastodon.

They’re all good sdms

This bot is really good at knowing where animals are.

metro yvr wastewater covid bot

Wastewater data charts from Metro Vancouver.


The sewage doesn't lie!

Yield Curve Inversion Watch

Tweeting the 2 and 10-year US Treasury yield spread.

Camden Planning Applications

New planning applications in Camden, UK.


The most important economic index for Uruguay.


Meteorological graphs from Uruguay.


General tsunami information and news.

Would it dong?

In how many parks would that hit have donged?


Instantly create a financial chart.

Trending on Facebook

An independent check on top Facebook content.

Little Ear Amateur Radio Telescope

Probably the world's first tweeting radio telescope?

NYC Spending Bot

Keeping track of the NYC budget spending.


Your daily snow forecast report!

Edent’s Solar Panels

Tracking how much energy Edent's solar panels generate.

UK Flood Forecast

Flood forecast maps for England and Wales.


Daily maps of equipopulation divisions of the the United States.


Simulating double, spring pendulums.


Tweets daily US air quality forecasts.

Temperature to date

Year-to-date temperatures around the world.

Data of New York

Explore the city of New York with data.

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