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DDW Radar

Experimental visual impression of Dutch Design Week trending topics.


Visualizing random graphs.

Auto Charts

Absurd flowcharts.


Tweeting open data about a "Trump appointee of the day".


Know when deicing is happening at airports across the USA.


Trashcan life.


Breakdown of the last 100 bills introduced in the US government.


Highlighting reporting that makes use of the Freedom of Information Act and other public records laws.


Correlations between prehistoric animals and deaths in the US.


What made you happy in the past 24 hours?


"I hung out with my family."


With the yearly average wage in the US, you could buy 10,610 big macs.


"Caller states that while walking his dog in the park they came across either a dead turkey or chicken with the head off."


Tweeting the census one real american at a time.


Procedurally generated obituaries for the 1.8 of us who die every second.


A bot to raise awareness about data ownership.