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The course of true love never did run smooth.

New Yorker Evangelion Bot

Randomly pairs a screenshot from Neon Genesis Evangelion with a New Yorker cartoon caption.


Botting out The Office costumes for October!


Public declarations from Pphnarg, the Lord of the Dragons, to his subjects.

If you can Ling Ling slowly…

You can Ling Ling quickly!


Bot trained on Stephen Colbert monologues.

False Flags

New flags for made up places.

Science Showoff Ebooks

An ebooks bot trying to be like @scienceshowoff.

Worthless Capital

A bot that tweets about how no one can afford anything ever.


Fake "HQ Trivia" screenshot generator.


Let's settle this once and for all.


A bot that makes silly antiques appraisals.


Ask for a link, get a link.


Procedurally generated plans to conquer the Earth!


Your personal robot hypeman.


Inspirational quotes every hour, attributed to the wrong person.

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