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Generating color field paintings.


Describe a color and this bot shows it to you.

every goth color

Every goth knows black isn't just a single color.


A bot that converts images with emoji.


Random art challenges.


Need some colors? Look no further!

NES Art Bot

Evolving equations to generate glitch art based on NES hardware.


Tweeting unique color names!


A bot that makes color palettes for artists to use.


A new colour every day.


A bot that posts colors

Deltron F

Gradients for everyone 🌈


Collecting color names.


Accessible colour contrasts.


A bot that makes tiny color poems.


Combining color schemes and your favorite lyrics to add some harmony (or chaos) to your timeline.


Mathematical art using text input.


Randomly generated bokeh images.


A Twitter bot to automatically colorize black and white photos.


Nail polish bot.


Bot that constructs random 16×16 tiles with the NES color palette.

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