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Wandering Tomorrow's Psychographic Mysticism.


Why is a bot like a writing desk?

Bodega Bot

Silicon Valley is here to replace your domestic service with technology.


Poète décervelé, tiré de sa tombe puis monté sur un automate.


Tout le monde demande à Bartleby de faire des trucs, mais il préférerait pas.


A bot to remember the Viking of Sixth Avenue.


One fear, one want.


Tales, old and new of dark folklore and legend passed down through 'procedural generations'.

The Whiny Genealogist

A bot that complains about the trials and tribulations of genealogical research.

Tiny Homes

Domesticity, but smaller.

Graphic Scores

Graphic scores for musicians, composers, and everyone else

Citizenship Database

Fictional people's personal details. Gender binary shattered.

Dada Poet

Reject the logic, reason, and aestheticism of modern capitalist society - read Dadaist poems instead!


Travelling through a new country every 7 days.

Game Design Expert

Invaluable advice that all game developers need!

so. you bot detention

Captain America has a lot of PSAs to record.


Sharing 8x8 sprites for Bitsy Game Maker.


The Truth about programming languages.


QuickDraw data mashed with Tracery to create cute characters.


Useless junk from the future.


Bot that constructs random 16×16 tiles with the NES color palette.


Variations on a knotty theme.


Birds, on wires.


Harry Potter and the titles of scientific articles.