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Multi-Scale Truchet Patterns

Patterns that can be made with a simple square tile divided diagonally.

Roll The Dice

Randomly rolls dice every so often.

Adopt a Roach

Roach adoption agency.

Mes troubles anxieux

Ce qui cause mon trouble d'anxiété généralisé.

Lil Bud Cards

We find new buds and tell you all about them, bud!

A tiny map

Tiny maps that make stories.

What Fresh Hell?

What fresh hell is this bot!?

Christmas Snake

A holiday-themed cryptid.


A Twitter bot for naming children.

Artistic Intentions

Art encouragement bot.

Night Train to Robot Fine

Robot. Ran all the way to Twitter... with CheapBotsDoneQuick, and a Tracery grammar.


Need some colors? Look no further!


Wandering Tomorrow's Psychographic Mysticism.


Why is a bot like a writing desk?

Bodega Bot

Silicon Valley is here to replace your domestic service with technology.


Poète décervelé, tiré de sa tombe puis monté sur un automate.


Tout le monde demande à Bartleby de faire des trucs, mais il préférerait pas.


A bot to remember the Viking of Sixth Avenue.


One fear, one want.


Tales, old and new of dark folklore and legend passed down through 'procedural generations'.

The Whiny Genealogist

A bot that complains about the trials and tribulations of genealogical research.

Tiny Homes

Domesticity, but smaller.

Graphic Scores

Graphic scores for musicians, composers, and everyone else

Citizenship Database

Fictional people's personal details. Gender binary shattered.