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Generating typeface faces.

rat generator

New, unique rats to be your friends.


Tiny fields of dots.

Il pleut

It is raining.


Enjoy some tranquil creeks.

Magic Emoji Roundabout

An efficient and safe junction.


Weird ASCII controllers!

Flipped Concept

Everything is flipped.


A tiny forest beneath a @tiny_star_field.


Posting the current zodiac sign with a nice ASCII bar graph.

haxxy bmps


Tiny Homes

Domesticity, but smaller.


Glitchy ASCII text.




A bot that generates a type-face every 30 minutes.


10 PRINT CHR$ (205.5 + RND (1)); : GOTO 10


Wild emoji encounters.


A bot that tweets ASCII art.


ASCII art galaxies.


Lil' symbol bot :3


Little seascapes, sometimes with a fish, once per day.


An infinity of deserts, each more infinite than the last.


Little patterns of irregular regularity.


Smol, cute ASCII & emoji bot.

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