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Christmas Snake

A holiday-themed cryptid.


Posting every bird on the planet.

The tinyHorse Generator

Fifty tiny horses a day keep the horse sized ducks away.


Sounds from a Bornean jungle.


Why is a bot like a writing desk?


A bot that tweets snail facts!


A bot that describes goats.


Collisions of nature and technology.


Sea creatures with galaxies, galaxies with sea creatures.


Bird pics and bird song


Cat-ified Beyoncé word by adoptable cats


Cat friends for you.

Mystery Animal

Can you guess the animal in 20 yes‑or‑no questions on your Google Home?


New bird species.


Meet all of the good dogs in New York City.


Cute animal pictures in your Twitter timeline.


We are adorable & adoptable Denver Pets!


Feel the warmth of a cold nose.


I come up with good names for good dogs!


Tranquil random cute fishies.


I just fashioned a proud kitty-cat.


Procedurally generated pollinators.


Bringing new meaning to "tweeting" with a daily dose of bird sounds.


Tweeting dog.