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Meow Bot


rat generator

New, unique rats to be your friends.

LFB Animal Incidents


Tiny ladybug

Ladybug travels around the world.


Learning to identify amphibians and reptiles.

Cats That Don’t Exist

Cats and cat-like creatures, made by AI.


A seal-detecting bot.

Bird bot

Procedurally generated birds! 🐤🐦🦆

Doodle Animal Glee Club

Animal doodles and songs.

A Tiny Zoo

Very small zoos!

Christmas Snake

A holiday-themed cryptid.


Posting every bird on the planet.

The tinyHorse Generator

Fifty tiny horses a day keep the horse sized ducks away.


Sounds from a Bornean jungle.


Why is a bot like a writing desk?


A bot that tweets snail facts!


A bot that describes goats.


Collisions of nature and technology.


Sea creatures with galaxies, galaxies with sea creatures.


Bird pics and bird song


Cat-ified Beyoncé word by adoptable cats


Cat friends for you.

Mystery Animal

Can you guess the animal in 20 yes‑or‑no questions on your Google Home?

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