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Simulating double, spring pendulums.


Tweets daily US air quality forecasts.


Providing information about United States Senate's votes.


Practice these cool chord progressions!


Your new Soundpainting exercises.

You Are Alone In The Archive…

Endlessly pouring over the Archive, and the span of human history it preserves.


Bird's-eye views over Canberra.

Hero’s Journey Bot | @monomyth_maker

Pulp fantasy writing/game prompts.


Fractal flames via a genetic algorithm.

AboveTustin ADSB bot

Tracking planes flying over Tustin, California.

Astronomy Status Bot

MOON: Still there


Tweeting lot sales in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Thursday The 20th

If only we had the exact date.

LFB Animal Incidents



Exploring galactic archaeology.

Data of New York

Explore the city of New York with data.

Climate Clock Bot

Tracking remaining carbon budget.

Classic Boy 2 Bot

Finding bots in classic literature.


A bot that estimates the value of Pi by dropping needles.


A bot that draws mandala-like pictures.


All symmetric XOR triangles.


Colorful triangles based on mathematical sequences.

NYC 311 Discord Bot

Get notified when your NYC home gets a 311 call.


Sea shanties written by a bot.

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