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Would it dong?

In how many parks would that hit have donged?


A bot that finds coincidental haikus


Unique, fun and independent websites.

Multiverse Coordinates

In an infinite multiverse, it's nice to know where you are.


Finding the original tweet from a screenshot.


Random satellite images from Portugal.


Twitterbot playwright tweeting Children 's Rights.

Wizard Roll Call

Some of the many wizards from the history of a fantastic world.


Fickle astrology, daily!


Random people living random lifes in a random town. A literary (and almost poetic) bot.


Tracking various military and civilian planes.


Tracking planes that belong to Russian oligarchs and the Russian government.


A bot that posts strange attractors.

20 years

A bot that tells you about things that turn 20.


Your mini moral dilema delivered to your Twitter timeline every couple of hours


Waiting for a snow day.


A bot that posts sky images.

The Weather in Brooklyn

And now, weather!


A bot that generates fake Dance Dance Revolution song names.

Flags of Flags

Flags made of tiny little flags!


Tweeting Lord of the Rings, line by line.


The brain the size of a planet, and all I hear is bad ideas.


A real Uruguyan every hour.

Little Ear Amateur Radio Telescope

Probably the world's first tweeting radio telescope?

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