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This bot makes 14x14 cross stitch designs.


X the Y be with you!

Bot Bottigieg

Americans need not only a uninterestingness, but also an interestingness.

The KPOP Concept Bot

Celebrating the unique randomness of KPOP music videos!

Earth Across Time

Timelapses showcasing how Earth's appearance has changed.

World Development Indicators (bot)

Visualizing the World Bank's World Development Indicators database.

Emoji Princesses

Every few hours we are visited by one of the princesses.

Every Sheriff Bot

Algorithmic sheriff memes.


Aircraft flying in circles around North Bay.


100 years ago today at the Shakespeare and Company bookshop and lending library.


Maps showing the progress of deforestation.

Places from Orbit

Views from around the world.


Bot on a very long walk.

Arpeggio Bot

Automatic chord progressions.

Sundry Cellular Automata

Randomly generated cellular automata.

Arnold Schoenbot

A twelve-tone musical bot.

Night Sky

Images of the night sky.

Rae Sremmurd Slowly Drifting Apart

Sremmlife album cover, but Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy slowly grow farther apart.


The "rejected" Yoshi prototypes.

NYPD edits

Tracking anonymous Wikipedia edits by New York's cops.

Old roadside pics

Public domain photographs from Roadside America.


A real time feed of asteroid roulette.


Latest public records requests filed via

Problematic Trolley

Off the track, please!

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