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Tweeting Lord of the Rings, line by line.

MBTA’s Mood

Analyzing the general mood on the MBTA by the hour.


Wir schauen Onlinejournalisten auf die Finger!


Bot on a very long walk.

Machine Wisdom

Get your daily dose of wisdom!

Perpetual Soapiness

Designing new soap bars.


You are famous on Botnet.

muted mountains

Procedurally generated landscapes.


Una collana di libri immaginari.

ResetEra BanBot

Warnings and bans from ResetEra.


Reassembling images from McCord Museum's photo collection with random poems.

Dreamer of Electric Sheep

Explore a bizarre ConceptNet dreamscape at your command.


Computer generated color palettes.

A Softer Space

An experimental webcomic and a bot inspired by A Softer World and deep space.


Coloring pictures from the Internet Archive!


Colorful hill generator.


Procedurally generating spaceships.


A bot that has bones and attempts to make skeletons.


How many Big Macs can you buy with 1 Bitcoin?


Bringing you infographics about what states like!

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