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blackletter walk

Automatic writing bot.

Sunrise Skies NYC

Capturing a slice of the New York sunrise sky.


Simulating double, spring pendulums.


Relaxing & Satisfying loops of hexagons.

Vast and Starlit

Join me on a rambling journey through this vast and starlit cosmos.

Cellular Bot

Randomly generated patterns built with a cellular automaton algorithm.

Earth Across Time

Timelapses showcasing how Earth's appearance has changed.

Gif Earth

GIFs of the Earth.


Solving the n-body problem by doing all of it.

Double Pendulum

Animations of random double pendulums.

Random Three Body Problem

Computing the trajectory of three random objects.


Randomly generated music.

DDW Radar

Experimental visual impression of Dutch Design Week trending topics.

NES Art Bot

Evolving equations to generate glitch art based on NES hardware.


Random 2-dimensional tilings.

Star Near You

Animated GIFs of the Sun's corona.

Ominous Zoom


The Trumpster Fire

Official statements from the Trumpster Fire in Chief of the United States of America.


Ich twittere ΓΌber Feminismus und kritisiere User*innen, wenn sie frauenfeindliche Tweets verbreiten.


Join us and paint some happy trees!

Time Until Christmas

Know the time left until Christmas.

Cards Against White People

Damn white people and their *shuffles deck* *pulls card* Twitter bots!


A robot painter, very Pollock-like.


Random blinking vamps \o/

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