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Emoji Meadow

Tiny meadows full of grass and flowers.

Tiny Petting Zoo

Please pet the animals and feed them emoji food.


Capitals of the world.


Tweet 'start' to begin!

TrashPanda – OSINT Bot



Over land, off watch.


A bot that tells you how much daylight to expect in New York City.

Imaginary Tubes

Made up tube maps.


Bot que crea jardines.


The course of true love never did run smooth.


Call me Ishmael.

Random color contrasts

Finding accessible color pairs.


Two robots playing a game of telephone.

Control connected CheerLights worldwide from the Fediverse!

Magma Pascal’s Triangle

Random Pascal's triangle generator.

neural net guesses memes

Passing memes through a neural network.


Using Google Maps data to a anonymously track speeders in Salisbury.

Food Standards Alerts

Unofficial Food Standards Agency alerts.

Camden Planning Applications

New planning applications in Camden, UK.

Rejected Petitions

Petitions, rejected.

Women, Fish, Me

Hat ideas pertaining to the desires.


A fake Pokemon every 30 minutes!


Every flight coming to or leaving Montevideo's main airport.


UV Index in Montevideo.

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