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Climate Clock Bot

Tracking remaining carbon budget.

Classic Boy 2 Bot

Finding bots in classic literature.


A bot that blends two colors at a time.

RubberDucky bot

Enjoy the cruise!


A bot that estimates pi by dropping needles.


A bot that draws mandala-like pictures.


All symmetric XOR triangles


Colors triangles based on mathematical sequences

Ten Hours Of…

Random YouTube video titles, but longer videos.

Great Lakes Places

Getting to know places around the Great Lakes.


A fun adventure with books and numbers.


Tweets random satellite images of London


Explore machine learning and data science interactively on Twitter!

Clappiness Patrol

Retweeting πŸ‘ clappy πŸ‘ tweets πŸ‘

Deep Space Network

Tracking what NASA's Deep Space Network listens to.

wakei tona


Feds Overhead

Tracking US federal law enforcement aircrafts.

Firefighters Overhead

Bot that tweets about firefighting aircraftFollow @overheadbots for updatesPhotos:Lance Cpl. Anna Albrecht / PublicU.S. Forest Service / Public

Plot Bot

Coming up with new movie plots.

Snake on TwittΠ΅r

Play snake with others, right on Twitter!

Ghost Generator

Lots of ghosts here!

MAL Catalog

The Media Archaeology Lab Catalog!

Cenotaphs from the Whaleman’s Chapel

Reading the fate of the whalemen.

Ask the Magic 8 Ball

Signs point to Yes.

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