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With the power of Christmas magic I'll turn you into Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus!


With the power of dark halloween magic I'll turn you into a pumpkin!


Randomly generated vector maps.


Emoji armageddon 😱

Christmas Snake

A holiday-themed cryptid.

Is it valid?

Asks if it is valid/problematic to [transitive verb] [noun].


Play Tic-tac-toe on Twitter!

Eat This Bot!

Suggestions for your next meal.

congrats, i love u

A bot that wants you to know that it's proud of you.


A Twitter bot for naming children.

Artistic Intentions

Art encouragement bot.

How’s My Driving NY

Looking up traffic violations.


Weird ASCII controllers!

Year In Fractions

How far through the year we are with fractions.


All the hard questions from classic literature.


Posting every bird on the planet.


A bot that answers "Yes".

Lyre’s Dictionary

New English words from actual roots.


A bot that (poorly) translates porn titles to French.


A bot that practices proof by intimidation.

Fruity Slot Bot

Doomed to play this machine forever!


A small geometric artwork, in the form of a stamp.

Every Pumpkin

Every pumpkin!


Your next software engineering job could be on the timeline.