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Every Street Tree NYC

Every tree, counted.

Detective Fin

Drugs from the future.

Magic Aye

Automatic autostereograms.

Random Tiling Bot

Random tiled image generator.


DC sunsets, sunrises, and helicopters.

Year remaining

See how much time is left this year!


A durational sound-based artwork.


Notifications about earthquakes within Romania.

Score My Wordle

I'll give your Wordle solution a score!


Randomly-generated striped wallpapers.


Randomly-generated gradient wallpapers.

Warblington Level Crossing

Keeping track of the Warblington Level Crossing barriers.

Bundestag First Said

Bot, der neue WΓΆrter aus Debatten postet.


Howdy. I'm the sheriff of emoji!

Closer to the Moon

Putting historical events into perspective.

Block Castles

Generative castles.


Oblique strategy cards for academia.


Counting down to Y2K38.


I'll take you to a quiet farm.

Are you doom-scrolling?

Doom-scrolling, IT'S A TRAP!

They’re all good sdms

This bot is really good at knowing where animals are.

Biz Bot

Now hiring!

metro yvr wastewater covid bot

Wastewater data charts from Metro Vancouver.

Best Pizza in Town

Best pizza slices in the world.

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