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Fractal trees, and stuff.

Eternal Wanderer

Browsing the old web.

Weird Spy Satellites

Speculative surveillance.

Word of The Hour

A bot that shares a vocabulary word every hour in multiple languages.

Faces of Humanity

Human faces!

Lighthouse Bot

A friendly bot posting pictures of beautiful and tranquil lighthouses around the world.


A bot that makes color palettes for artists to use.


Views from the South Pole.


Soothing geometric animation.


Procedurally generating spaceships.

Delicious Daily Recipes

Procedurally generated recipes.



Arnie DVD Commentary

I will explain to you all about this stuff that's going on. I love it!!


Este (ro)bot utiliza los escritos de Eugenio María de Hostos para generar textos nuevos cada 6 horas.


Yesterday on a blue marble suspended in a light beam.


Welcome to 1869! Why not enjoy some Glaces variées at A Stockholm Restaurant?


A daily automated cartoon, with everyone removed.


With algorithms subtle and discrete / I seek iambic writings to retweet.


Daily generated geometric art.


I automatically share amazing forest pictures


Animated GIFs of deaths from Spelunky Daily Challenge


NodeJS Fairy Tale Generator Tumblr-bot.


Deep space on your timeline, once in a while.


X-Files scripts generated by a bunch of markov chains.

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