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Bit Art Bot

generative art bot

did joe exercise?

Keeping Joe healthy and fit.

Wikipedia Haiku

Accidental Haikus from Wikipedia.


Unique, fun and independent websites.

Multiverse Coordinates

In an infinite multiverse, it's nice to know where you are.

Samuel Pepys

The diaries of Samuel Pepys in real time.


Sea shanties written by a bot.


Running your code in a Linux command line.


New railway stations added to

Variations on a Theme

One little melody, endlessly reinvented.

Arpeggio Bot

Automatic chord progressions.

Old roadside pics

Public domain photographs from Roadside America.

The Singalong Bot

I sing the first line of a song!


Landscapes made out of blocks.

Isle de Lux

No bot is an island.

Word of The Hour

A bot that shares a vocabulary word every hour in multiple languages.

Views from New York

Views from the great city of NYC ๐Ÿ—ฝ


Questions without context, from Project Gutenberg books.

New on Botwiki

See what's new on Botwiki! Yes, this very site.

Major Tom

Major Tom is floating in space, sending back snapshots of our world.


Worthwhile dilemmas to get you unstuck.


Sending satellites into space.


Smart conclusions by a machine.


Send latitude and longitude, get an OpenStreetMap link.

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