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The one progress bar you don't want to see.

Emoji Meadow

Tiny meadows full of grass and flowers.

Tiny Petting Zoo

Please pet the animals and feed them emoji food.

Posting a random human gene every day!

Big Ben


Please Caption Bot

A bot that reminds you to caption your toots' images.

The Herbalist’s Primer

A tireless herbalist, a curious learner.

Views of volcanoes

Watching volcanoes.


A bot that tells you how much daylight to expect in New York City.

Imaginary Tubes

Made up tube maps.



Control connected CheerLights worldwide from the Fediverse!

Magma Pascal’s Triangle

Random Pascal's triangle generator.


Real personalized license plate applications.

Bit Art Bot

A generative art bot.


Unique, fun and independent websites.

Multiverse Coordinates

In an infinite multiverse, it's nice to know where you are.


Tweeting flight data from Elon Musks' private jet.

Edent’s Solar Panels

Tracking how much energy Edent's solar panels generate.

Samuel Pepys

The diaries of Samuel Pepys in real time.


Fractal flames via a genetic algorithm.


Sea shanties written by a bot.

Random bots from Botwiki

Explore Botwiki one random bot at a time.

Earth Across Time

Timelapses showcasing how Earth's appearance has changed.

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