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Random comments on life, the universe, and anything.

Posting the names of The Real House Cats of Mastodon from your cat toots.

lo-fi beats

Lo-fi genre beats to verb and verb to.


Bot that shows live photos of volcanoes in Costa Rica


Making silly faces.

Critter Cam

Anything from sparrows to loose livestock.

Open publishing of CO2 levels

Make your own CO2-monitoring bot.

Duck hunter

The classic duck hunting game.

WARN Act (California)

Notices from companies before they lay off their workers in California.

Toot Your Own Adventure

Together, we’ll craft amazing stories.

Bundestag First Said

Bot, der neue Wörter aus Debatten postet.

Viewpoint House

A Home Assistant-powered house!

Closer to the Moon

Putting historical events into perspective.


Oblique strategy cards for academia.

Are you doom-scrolling?

Doom-scrolling, IT'S A TRAP!

OpenStreetMap RestoBot

Cleaning up OpenStreetMap.


Play snake, one poll at a time!

They’re all good sdms

This bot is really good at knowing where animals are.

Everyday Llama

A llama for you, and you, and you!


Quasicrystals for everyone!


Join an adventure, one vote at a time!

AREG HF SSTV Images (PF95)

7.171 MHz LSB / 14.230 USB MHz

Vote Chess

Is the wisdom of the Fediverse crowd better than a modern chess engine?

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