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Eternal Wanderer

Browsing the old web.

Book dedications bot

This one’s for you.

Wandering Above

Neon triangle CGI synthwave in space.

Anic T. Wae

The first non-human newspaper columnist.

Every Al

Weirder Al Yankovics.


A bot that tells you how much daylight to expect in New York City.

Imaginary Tubes

Made up tube maps.

FCC Space Licenses

Sharing notices of any FCC and ITU applications for space vehicles.



Moby Dick at Sea

It is not down in any map; true places never are.


Bot que crea jardines.


No more re-using your old screams!


Outsourcing your feelings about gender.


Follow for more soft cuboids.


The course of true love never did run smooth.


Call me Ishmael.

New Yorker Evangelion Bot

Randomly pairs a screenshot from Neon Genesis Evangelion with a New Yorker cartoon caption.

Starfleet Jobs

The Best Jobs in Starfleet!

Random color contrasts

Finding accessible color pairs.


Two robots playing a game of telephone.

Fighting Baseball 2005

In memory of Bobson Dugnutt.

Daily Trivia

Daily trivia questions.

Yield Curve Inversion Watch

Tweeting the 2 and 10-year US Treasury yield spread.

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