Bot Workshops

Botwiki's Bot Workshops are envisioned as a series of events (mostly online, possibly also offline) for botmakers of all levels of technical expertise: artists, tinkerers, enthusiasts, seasoned pros.

Watch our first workshop below, and follow @botwikidotorg for updates on future events!

Past workshops ΒΆ

Botmaking from the Ground Up ΒΆ

Botmaking from the Ground Up is a fun and informative workshop on how to get started writing Twitter bots.

With Bradley Momberger's guidance, you will create three bots with the barest minimum of programming required.

Botwiki's Bot Workshops are possible thanks to generous folks and companies who donate to this project.

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Botwiki is a personal side project that's made possible through donations and hard work and dedication. Huge thanks to everyone who helped us out! πŸ™Œ PS: Here's a list of our supporters.