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Four years of Botwiki

Botwiki is now four years old! 🎂🤖🎉

Over the past year the site grew to over 1,000 bots, with nearly 100 Botmaker Badges awarded.

Botwiki is now a maturing project and continues to grow at a steady pace. Any help with Botwiki’s mission is very much appreciated, be it a donation to cover site maintenance expenses, following @botwikidotorg on Twitter, suggesting how the site can be improved, or just sending us a thank you note 😊


Creator of Botwiki and Botmakers, Botwiki editor, and Botmakers community manager.

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Poll: The cost of botmaking
Poll: The cost of botmaking

How much does it cost to host a creative bot?

Bot tributes
Bot tributes

Art, games, and other creative projects inspired by bots.

New category: non-English bots
New category: non-English bots

You can now browse non-English bots on Botwiki by language 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇪🇸🇫🇮

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