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Botwiki Updates #5

I’ve done more updates to the overall design of Botwiki and as I run out of free reviews from for this month, I’d really love to get some feedback from you, dear readers! You can use the usual contact channels: email or Twitter.


And don’t forget to browse the most recently added Twitter bots.


No new events were added last week, but if you haven’t yet, be sure to visit Kasey‘s Bay Area meetup group and follow @BayAreaBotArts for updates.

Monthly Bot Challenge

Here’s some really exciting news: DigitalOceanoffered to sponsor our very first Monthly Bot Challenge! To see the prizes, check out the updated Monthly Bot Challenge page.

Reading list

No interview this week, but this week’s extra packed reading list should make that up! (You can also read previous interviews, if you missed them.)

Wrap up

After not having much success with my OpenShift tutorial series (still running into issues on Windows), I’m starting to look into Cloud9. Anyone has experience using this site? I’d love to hear from you!

Also, I put together a page showing which bots we’re playing with over at Botmakers. (Next up: slack-pokemon!)


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