Botwiki Updates #4

Botwiki site updates, new bots, and events.

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The number of curated bots on Botwiki just crossed 200! And that’s not counting the translated bot pages. I added quite a few bots (see the Bots section below) and some more resources — definitely check out the excellent Twitter bot video tutorialby Daniel Shiffman with node.js and Processing!

I am starting to work a bit more on the website’s design. I started by replacing most of the illustrations from with screenshots of selected bots.

If anyone has an opinion what would make the site look better and make it easier to use, I’m always listening!


There were quite a few additions last week, including:

Also check out the most recently added Twitter and Slack bots.


NaNoGenMo is still going on! And Kasey is started a new meetup group in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their next meetup is coming up, and be sure to follow @BayAreaBotArts for updates!

Botwiki Interview #3

I sat down to speak with Nick Harasym, a Platform Support Specialist at DigitalOcean. You’ll probably believe what happened next.I will also take this opportunity to mention that Botwiki and all our related sites are hosted on DigitalOcean and one way to support us is to sign up using our referral link, which will also earn you a $10 starter credit.

Reading list

Google open sourced their machine learning system, TensorFlow. Check out this article and this video to see why this is pretty cool news. (And this Wired article to see why it’s not really cool enough.)Also —

Botmaker Badges

We’re going to be issuing botmaker badges using Mozilla’s Open Badges ( We are going to be starting with two:

Botmaker Badge

To apply, simply add your bot to Botwiki using our submit form, and in the description, mention that you’re applying for a badge and include your email so we can send you your badge. The email will not, of course, be published.

Alternatively, you can submit your bot and send an email to a DM on Twitter) with your email address and a link to your bot.

Monthly Bot Challenge Badge

This badge will be awarded to the winner of our Monthly Bot Challenge.Once you get your badge, you can add it to your Mozilla Backpack and show it off, like this!

Wrap up

I’m still looking to hear from teachers and other educators who use Slack. And while my work on the OpenShift tutorials are temporarily on hold, I am now looking into Dexter, which is still in Beta, but already looks pretty awesome; for example, this is how you create a Slack bot with it:

Pretty neat — and there are also modules for Twitter!

And, that’s a real wrap up now! Thank you for reading and see you next week 🙂


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