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Botwiki site updates, new bots, and events.

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We now have a section for Trello bots! Feel free to send in your favorite bots for Trello, and any useful tutorials and articles. contributor Héctor is continuing to translate the bot pages, see how you can join him.


Bots created last week include:
  • @NoJSBot is set to quickly become every web developer’s best friend
  • @menubot takes you for a trip through time (note that Hugo, the author, made this bot open source and he also wrote a neat little wrapper for the data he’s working with)
  • @NaNoGenMoBot will help you stay on top of this year’s NaNoGenMo
  • and @DitheredBot joins the rank of other image-effect bots on Twitter

And as usual, be sure to check out the Twitter bots most recently added to the site.


We now have two ongoing events: The 2015 NaNoGenMo and  PROCJAM (video of the PROCJAM talks is available, see the link). And if you’re in London on November 14th, check out Poetry, Artificial Intelligence and Computational Creativity.

Botwiki Interview #2

It took a bit longer to get that second interview ready — and there is also a small change in the “branding”. The original title of “Botmaker Profiles” limits the people I’m speaking with to those who made at least one bot. I’d like to avoid that limitation, so for now I’m just going to refer to the “Botwiki Interviews”. Also, the schedule may continue to be a bit irregular.Anyway! Two weeks ago, I sat down to chat with the game maker George Buckenham, the creator of Cheap Bots Done Quick, which is a pretty neat Twitter bot creation tool. He was traveling to show off his latest game project, Fabulous Beasts, at the GameCity festival.

Reading List

And a few videos I recently added to Botwiki, in case you missed them:


Wrap Up

I run into some technical difficulties while working on my OpenShift tutorials for (mostly) complete beginners. If you have any experience running the OpenShift command line tool on Windows, I’d really love to hear from you.

Also, this is a reminder that we started the Monthly Bot Challenge and it’s not too late to enter 🙂

And finally, I’m reaching to a few people to see if/how folks in #edtech use Slack. If you’re a teacher, educator, mentor, and use Slack with your class or learners, I’d love to hear from you as well.

Thank you for reading, see you again next week!


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