Botwiki Updates #2

Botwiki site updates, new bots, and events.

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One of the recent major updates to Botwiki is that when sharing a bot page on Twitter or Facebook, the screenshot of the bot’s page will now show up (it would only show the site’s logo before).

Also, we now have a new Projects page that lists the projects we are focusing on right now.


There were a few new bots made last week that I particularly enjoyed.
  • @rikersbot is a collaborative coding and storytelling project linking Columbia University students and young people incarcerated at Rikers to learn coding and tell stories
  • @spinnymachine draws curves for you
  • the @needsref bot catalogues failed assertions from Wikipedia
  • and @himawari8bot will show you our planet, animated

And as a reminder, you can use the bot submission form to add a bot that you made yourself or that you like.


Last week had some very interesting events, but here’s what we can look forward to now:
  • The annual NaNoGenMo officially started yesterday. It makes November a month dedicated to writing programs/bots/algorithms that generate a novel of 50k+ words
  • And with PROCJAM, the focus shifts to generating a “game/nongame/artgame/thing/tool/toy/experiment/art piece”
  • And if you’re in London on November 14, definitely check out Poetry, Artificial Intelligence and Computational Creativity

Botwiki Interviews

I really enjoyed my last week’s interview, unfortunately the person I spoke with was in the middle of traveling, so the second issue of Botwiki Interviews is going to be a bit delayed. I will be sending out a follow up email this week with a link. Definitely stay tuned!

But hey, I have some exciting news to hold you over while waiting!

Monthly Bot Challenge

Starting today, every first Monday of the month we are going to announce the topic of our Monthly Bot Challenge. I am going to use this first challenge to fully flesh out the rules and find the best technical setup, but for now, the rules are going to be very simple:

  1. On the first Monday of the month, we will announce the topic in this newsletter
  2. You will then have three weeks to create a bot inspired by the topic. (You canmake the bot open source, but it’s not a condition for entering the challenge.)
  3. Add your bot to Botwiki via the form at and tag it with monthlybotchallenge.
  4. After the three weeks, we will send out a form where people will be able to vote for their favorite bot.
  5. The voting will be closed after a week and the winner and a new topic will be announced on the first Monday of the next month.

The topic for the very first Monthly Bot Challenge is:


If you need some inspiration, have a look at bots tagged #space on Botwiki. And definitely be sure to join Botmakers to share ideas, resources, and find collaboration partners. We are also going to be listening to ideas and feedback on how to make the Monthly Bot Challenge better.

Reading list

Wrap up

As I mentioned above, we now have a new section on Botwiki for core and community projects. We invite everyone to bring their hobby and side projects to Botmakers and see if anyone else is interested in collaborating or at least to provide useful feedback.

Thanks a lot for reading, see you again next week!


Creator of Botwiki and Botmakers, Botwiki editor, and Botmakers community manager.

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