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Botwiki Updates #10

Welcome to the last issue of Botwiki Updates of 2015! It’s been great five months since I created Botwiki, and subsequently the Botmakers Slack group and this very newsletter.

In 2015 we’ve witnessed the rise of popularity of online bots and chat interfaces, with big props going to Slack, which is now the bot platform. (Of course, Twitterbots still dominate Botwiki, and I don’t see this changing any time soon, considering how easy they are to create.)

Companies like FacebookGoogle, or Kik show that bots and chat interfaces are the future of how we’ll interact with our devices and many online services.

And a really interesting thing I learned about bots this year is that they attract people from various backgrounds: not just developers, but also designersjournalistsartistsgame creators — and this is reflected in the membership of the Botmakers Slack group.

To get to know you all a bit better — and to understand what your expectations from my various projects are, I prepared a short End of the Year Survey — and I want to invite everyone to participate!

I’d like to thank the Botwiki contributors and the members of Botmakers for taking part in something I’m very excited about, and I wish everyone the best — and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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