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Botwiki site updates, new bots, and events.

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Botwiki had tremendous first three months. Yes, the site is three months old now, which is a bit hard for me to believe.

Some of the major recent updates are:

  • An events page, a great idea by Terian Koscik, who also hosted a recent Build-a-Bot workshop.
  • I made a neat little Submit Your Bot page/form, which is now semi-automated thanks to Hugo (well done, Hugo!)
  • Many sections of the site were re-organized into sub-categories, it’s much easier to browse them now
  • Many parts of the site have been improved, like the search functionality (most updates are “under the hood” improvements that just make the overall experience better)

And people started using the bot submission form to add their bots, which is pretty nice. The site can finally start growing to its full potential!


Some of the new bots from last week:

Also check out the Twitter bots most recently added to Botwiki.


Last week was pretty eventful, with three different meetups happening.

Follow the links above for notes and slides! Also, Darius announced that the next Bot Summit will be taking place on April 9th, 2016 in London (exact location pending) and the 2015 NaNoGenMo is starting n.

Botwiki Interviews

Finally, the first Botwiki InterviewBotwiki Interviews is a series of interviews that introduce the members of the botmaking community.

For the first Botwiki Interview, I spoke with the founder of Wordnik, Erin McKean. We covered a few things from Australians to teenagers and Wordnik itself.

Reading list

Not an article per se, but an interesting website nonetheless:

Wrap up

I had an idea to make a Slack-powered MMORPG (apparently Slack — and Flickr both originally started as online games, what do you know). If this idea sounds interesting to you, join the #slackbots channel over at Botmakers.

Also, I’m working on a Botmaking with OpenShift series, so if you’re not too busy, I would really appreciate if you could fill this out for me, thank you!

By the way, you should just check yourself, if you’re looking for a place to host your new bot. It is a much better alternative to Heroku. OpenShift has an actual free plan that doesn’t force your app into sleep for several hours every day. What’s up with that? OpenShift also supports cron.

If you’re interested in contributing to the OpenShift series, let me know (useful links below). On top of this, I am also thinking about another series that would look at some tools like Dexter that would make creating bots easier for non-coders who are not really all that interested in learning to use the command line. I also learned that CBDQ is open source, and I thought it would be cool to look into adding support for third-party APIs and data sets to make it possible to use CBDQ to create more advanced bots.


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