Botwiki milestone: 1,000 bots!

Three years in, Botwiki hit an important milestone:

This site is a small side project focused on a tiny niche with little financial backing and a very small, and very busy team of volunteers, so getting here is a pretty big deal. Botwiki is not the first site of its kind, and I’ve seen several come and go in the past three years.

The reason Botwiki is still around is not because it has been easy, nor did it bring fame and fortune. Instead, what kept me going was the occasional thank you or a note of appreciation I’ve received. We all need small victories in our lives, especially in these days.

So, to celebrate with me, go back to that one hobby you might have given up, because it felt frivolous at times, or you didn’t feel like you made enough progress. Stick with it for those small victories.

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