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Creator of Botwiki and Botmakers
Botwiki editor and Botmakers community manager


My name is Stefan [stefn] and I'm @stefan on Botmakers and @fourtonfish on Twitter. I am the creator of Botwiki, a Botmakers admin, and I also wrote the first 32 issues of Bot! zine.

You can reach me at [email protected], or visit for more of my personal projects.

PS: Here are my bots and tutorials on Botwiki.



Bot! zine editor and Botmakers community manager

I'm Veronica!

I'm a podcaster, writer, and bot/AI enthusiast from San Francisco. I love talking and learning about bot projects out there in the world, so tweet them to me @veronica!

I'm also an admin at, maintain the Bot! zine newsletter, and sometimes I help @botwikidotorg figure out what to tweet.



Botmakers community manager and chief event organizer

Hi, I'm Angelina! I'm an NYC based web developer with an interest in digital storytelling and building inclusive communities (mainly to hear more people's stories!). I love connecting with people IRL, which is why I'm helping to organize our monthly meet ups here in the city. Interested in giving a talk, or just want to chat about bots? Find me @oxangiemarie, or as @ambethoney in our Slack group!

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Botwiki also has very helpful volunteer contributors, including:

Huge thanks goes to everyone involved in our projects 🙌

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Botwiki is a personal side project that's made possible through donations and hard work and dedication. Huge thanks to everyone who helped us out! 🙌 PS: Here's a list of our supporters.