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If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to email Stefan and Veronica, or reach out to @botwikidotorg on Twitter.




My name is Stefan [stefn] and I'm @stefan on Botmakers and @fourtonfish on Twitter. I am the creator of Botwiki, a Botmakers admin, and I also wrote the first 32 issues of Bot! zine.

You can reach me at [email protected], or visit for more of my personal projects.

PS: Here are my bots and tutorials on Botwiki.



I'm Veronica!

I'm a podcaster, writer, and bot/AI enthusiast from San Francisco. I love talking and learning about bot projects out there in the world, so tweet them to me @veronica!

I'm also an admin at, maintain the Bot! zine newsletter, and sometimes I help @botwikidotorg figure out what to tweet.


Botwiki also has very helpful volunteer contributors, including:

Huge thanks goes to everyone involved on our projects!

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Botwiki is a personal side project that's made possible through donations and hard work and dedication. Huge thanks to everyone who helped us out! 🙌 PS: Here's a list of our supporters.