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One of the key ideas behind Botwiki is preserving the work of creative people -- and Botwiki and all the related projects are open source for the same reason. With, I am trying to create a friendly and inviting community where anyone can join and share their interest in bots.

The group already consists of over 500 members: experienced and beginner programmers, journalists, people running their own bot-centered companies, artists.

There's a lot that goes into maintaining Botwiki and all the related side projects:

  • updating Botwiki with new bots, tutorials and other resources
  • managing the community
  • staying on top of the latest news and compiling them for the Bot! zine newsletter
  • doing occasional interviews with members of the "botmaking scene"
  • organizing and promoting the Monthly Bot Challenge, which also includes reaching out to potential sponsors
  • and overall just keeping all the sites running

If you don't have the time to help out personally (which I completely understand!), you can support Botwiki via:

You can also sign up for the DigitalOcean hosting using this referral link, or buy Botwiki merchandise!

If you like the projects, but are not in position to provide financial support, I would appreciate even giving me a shoutout on Twitter, or sending me a little note of encouragement :-)

And you are more than welcome to join, regardless of your programming experience! The one thing we all have in common is that we just really like bots :-)

Thank you!

-- Stefan