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We at Botwiki love getting feedback and constructive criticism. Check out some of our surveys that let you help us improve. You can fill them out anonymously, but feel free to leave your contact information for possible follow up questions.

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The big Botwiki survey

General survey that lets you share your opinion on Botwiki, the online Botmakers group, and the Bot! zine newsletter.

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Botwiki site feedback

Let us know how we can make Botwiki better!

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Botmakers commmunity survey

Are you a Botmakers member? Let us know about your experience in the group!

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A botmaker/bot enthusiast survey

A brief survey for everyone interested in friendly online bots.

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Bot submission form

Improving bot submission experience.

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Cheap Bots, Done Quick suspended, this time for good

So long, and thanks for all the bots.

Twitter shutting down free access to their API on February 9

I keep saying it's an end of an era quite often these days.

How do folks get into creative botmaking?

Sharing the stories of our early botmaking days.

What kind of bots are posting in the fediverse?

Exploring the bots people make and follow in the fediverse.

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