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Botwiki was created in July 2015 by Stefan Bohacek with the goal of preserving interesting and creative examples of online bots, and providing tutorials and other resources to folks interested in making fun, whimsical, or useful bots.

Later in August, the Botmakers online group was set up as a safe and friendly online space for artists, tinkerers, bot enthusiasts and seasoned developers to share ideas, resources, and their bot creations, regardless of their technical knowledge.

In March 2016, Veronica Belmont joined Stefan as a Botmakers administrator and took over the Bot! zine newsletter Stefan has started as a way to keep the community of bot enthusiasts updated on the latest news.

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All of our work is open, and everyone is invited to contribute. Feel free to connect on Twitter -- or you can just say hi via email!

Timeline ΒΆ

Below is a timeline of major events in the history of the Botwiki project. See also our blog posts celebrating Botwiki anniversaries.

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Botwiki is a personal side project that's made possible through donations and hard work and dedication. Huge thanks to everyone who helped us out! πŸ™Œ PS: Here's a list of our supporters.