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Your choices are important.


Solving the n-body problem by doing all of it.


Tiny cottages! 🏑🌷


Tiny reefs! 🐠🌊


Tiny tree-lines! πŸŒ²πŸ—»

Tiny Neighbor

Tiny pixel art houses.


Procedural deep-sky objects.


A little splash of the big blue.

A Tiny Zoo

Very small zoos!

A tiny map

Tiny maps that make stories.


Tiny LGBTQ+ parades.

The tinyHorse Generator

Fifty tiny horses a day keep the horse sized ducks away.


A tiny forest beneath a @tiny_star_field.


What do you see?

Tiny Dungeon Bot


tiny street


tiny mission control

Ground control to @tiny_astro_naut.

Tiny Homes

Domesticity, but smaller.


A bot that makes tiny color poems.

Tiny Sightings

Are there tiny ones hiding in your home too?


Bot inspired by Mary Blair's Small World art.


Colorful geometric art.


Tiny space adventures.


Tweet-sized crosswords once a day.

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